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This premium online travel party, designed for knowledgeable global adventurers, offers a custom range of high-end travel options all with only one click.


Bangkok, Thailand. A pioneer luxury lifestyle travel group has been developed to allow elite global travellers to navigate an exclusive world of luxury tourism services, from the finest hotels and resorts to world-class cuisine, yacht charters, and luxurious flights, all accessible at the touch of a button and backed by concierge services. is a luxury club for the world’s most astute travellers. The smartphone app features a curated range of travel options that can be explored and booked directly on the platform or combined into bespoke bundles. This A-list of travel options has been independently tested and is backed up with a set of benefits and incentives.


The advantages of membership are numerous; first and foremost, all queries and results are customised to the user’s lifestyle and travel needs. Rather than sifting through infinite lists of unsuitable brands on conventional hotel booking websites, curates a curated range of extremely coveted hotels and resorts with unique stay benefits.

A multi-room booking service is also essential, including additional options for discerning families and VIP members.


In addition, has assembled a wide variety of other luxury goods, from reservations at restaurants with Michelin stars to unique yacht charters, adventure travel, and high-end limousine rentals throughout every venue. will also help with e-visa applications. These components may be combined into customised travel packages that generally take many days to assemble by professional travel agencies, and a Trip Planner feature can generate a day-by-day holiday itinerary. An advanced payment solution is linked to the most prominent Asian and global payment companies, including Visa, MasterCard, JCB, UnionPay, Alipay, and WeChat Pay.


AQ Dollars, the platform’s built-in rewards scheme, allows users to earn and redeem AQ dollars on their bookings. The overarching goal is to build an end-to-end in-app environment encompassing the whole travel phase, from preparation and booking to journey and in-destination experience.


There are many advantages of partnering with for travel agencies. Their brands will be showcased in an enticing manner to a pool of high-end subscribers, with cross-selling benefits for partners and the opportunity to receive referral fees. Additionally, they can benefit from reduced withdrawal rates and 48-hour repayments, as well as charges that are not subject to a credit card terminal charge.


That is not all! Social media influencers and key opinion leaders will be awarded badges, rewards, and referral fees on affiliate platforms. Individuals who become an “AQ Lifestyle Travel Ambassador” can often receive unique experiences with business associates in addition to increased visibility.


To become a member of or to learn more about how to access our every network of business partners, please visit


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